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yauthors's Journal

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yauthors was created with the intent to host a site for authors (and those aspiring to be) of Young Adult literature to come together and network. Because we are a community, interaction is essential. Therefore we strongly encourage commenting and posting as frequently as possible. No, we will not be lurking over your shoulder or give you the boot at any point; it's meant to be enjoyable here, not an extended work shift.

We'd like to bring together both authors who are already published, as well as those individuals aspiring to fulfill that same mutual goal. In addition to authors, the community is open to readers of the genre as well.

You may post reviews of YA novels, ask questions (how to get published, what "Bob's" hair color should be, etc), ask for suggestions and reviews, inform us about the newest update to your website or publications, post your own writing, ask for book recommendations, and more. We're not too picky, as long as your posts revolve around Young Adult literature. As authors, we sometimes learn best from hearing reviews from teens themselves; teens are more than welcome to share their two cents with us. We've got a jar for those. It's nice and shiny, we promise.
We don't have an abundance of rules, however we urge you to follow the ones that are in fact enforced (see: THIS POST). We are a community based on interaction revolving around a mutual love of ours: writing and/or reading. Though we understand that not everything entails sunshine and rainbows, we ask you to be courteous to others here. There are plenty of snark communities on LiveJournal; this community serves a different purpose. Critiques and comments should be honest, however there is obviously a point when the line should not be crossed. Should be self-explanitory, but we all process things differently, right?

If you are looking to sell, trade, or request books, please join our sister community yauctions.

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