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working hard or hardly working?

So, the other day I took a bit of a writing break because my computer was acting strange and I was terrified that if I opened my book file it would all mysteriously delete. But then my computer was been acting much better, so I decided to risk it.

I've completed about 1,000 words each day since then. I did get a bit distracted when it came to my attention that I had yet to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 (which was epic!). I haven't done any writing today, but I might get some done later. But I have been doing a little writing on another project of mine, just to get my creative juices flowing again. I've been a little novel-ed out, to be honest.

Anyway, what I've accomplished (in the novel):
-fight scene between 2 main characters
-major explanation of a mystery which sets up the plot of the entire book
-end of Act I, beginning of Act II

Total Word Count: ~14,000 words
Total Page Count: 33 pages
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Taking Sides: The Re-Write/Beginning

So last November 2011 for Nanowrimo, I started working on a novel titled "Taking Sides". Unfortunately, November is also when classes get busy, so I was unable to make it past the Chapter 3. Now that I have more free time (aka unemployment sucks), I have taken it up again in the hopes of maybe getting it published.

I've been writing since I was a child. In elementary school, when we were given vocab words and told to use it in a sentence, all of my sentences combined to form a story. I was such a precocious little thing, wasn't I? lol. I started writing fanfiction when I was about 12 and have been doing it regularly ever since. Almost ten years later, I have finally decided to try and make my lifelong hobby into a career, or at least that's the idea.

As I said, I wrote up to mid-way through Chapter 3 in "Taking Sides". However late last night I came to the realization that I hate everything that I've written so far. It was boring and too slowly paced. And just like that, 25 pages went down the drain.

Here's what I've decided:
-Despite the fact that I've always written in third person, this novel is meant to be written in first person.
-I need to flesh out more details on the other major characters - not just the main one.
-I would like to make the novel 500 pages or so.

Here's what I've done:
-Written out each of the four major characters and listed their Physical Characteristics, Personality Traits and any major Outside Influences that shape their reactions.
-Wrote out a plot summary
-Divided the plot summary into 3 Acts: Setup, Confrontation and Resolution.
-Picked out actors/actresses in order to more solidly personify my characters' personality and features

So, who wants to know more about my novel?

Just wondering...

Hi, all! 

I've been lurking here for a few days, but I thought it was about time to speak up :) How many of you out there are writing a YA novel? I'm working on one right now...the writing isn't nearly as scary as trying to go through the publishing process, which feels like someone ripping out my organs with a small knife (lovely, right?).

But I love, love, love, YA books and writing YA stories. Apparently, I'm not the only one ;)
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YA Book & Reading Icon Journal: toreadabook


I'm very excited about launching this! I've been working on the icons for it for ages, to be honest, because it takes such a long time to read a book/reread to make notes/design 25 icons per book, but I think it's finally ready! I don't know exactly how often I'll post, but probably a few times a week? :)

Today's launch posts:

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1-800-WHERE-R-You [Vanished] #001: When Lightning Strikes, Meg Cabot (Jenny Carroll)

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The Painter.

I looked up. It was one of those nights where I had nowhere to go so I just picked a star in the sky and followed the streets I thought would get me closest to it, ignoring the fact that none of the streets were on hills and I wasn't climbing any higher. It didn't matter though because I wanted to be closer to the star, not in possession of it. Doing that would make it nothing more than a flimsy night light bought at the corner store, adjacent to my flat.

So like I did most nights when I couldn't sleep, I just followed. I figured the less I look at the ground, the less aware I was that I was pinned to it, like a piece of fabric safety pinned to the quilt. I hopefully wasn't being sewn into the earth any time soon. Anyways, if I could just avoid looking at the ground and try to make sure nothing got in my sights but the sky, then maybe I could convince myself that that was where I was.

That night, in order to see the moon, I had to round the corner of a crumbled brick building with dusty dirty windows that distorted my reflection when I glanced at them. The moon wasn't realy my thing. I generally preferred the simple stars but that night it was different, much different. Nobody ever believes my stories. They say my nighttime walks are just dreams and maybe this one was but there was a woman sitting on it. She had short, chocolate brown hair that was flipped out. A thin, white, lace dress hung from her ivory shoulders. Her ankles were crossed and hung over one of the edges, balancing her as she leaned into the sky, painting silver and gold stars. She was articulate, and graceful, and, well as much as I hate to say it, perfect. She wasn't worried about who was watching her or the lengths of her strokes. It was like she was illustrating something that had already been created and she was just filling in the truth.

People always tell you this junk about how you're looking into the past when you look at stars and whatever, all that scientific bull. And, I generally am in favor of knowledge of whatever kind in order to support belief but there she was and I didn't need any other sort of explanation. It just was. She was there painting stars, and then, as if it was part of the plan, she began painting something else.

It was like a kid had tipped his crayon box over into the sky, a crayon box that had been left out in the sun so it was just melted wax. She spread the melted wax with her fingers in all different directions. Blue violet and indigo. Fuschia and Sea Green. Turquoise and orchid and a hundred other colors. Stars burst from clouds and their golden sparks rained down through the atmostphere until it turned into a mild rain shower that brushed my face before falling to the sordid bricks in the sidewalk. It was like watching the creation of something. I wasn't sure what it was but it felt mythological and real and magical and true all at the same time so that I wasn't sure what I was looking or why. I just knew that I was enjoying what I saw and I knew I somehow was a part of it.

And then she did something I didn't expect. She began to paint with crimson and firebrick and forest green, grey and black. And something in me grew fearful. I'm not sure why. But for some reason when she ran palms of paint acrossed the newly fierce clouds I began to wonder what I had to do at home and an invisible leash tugged me back to my stoop. I'd just stepped under the awning when the clouds she'd painted, those clouds that had been so beautiful and graceful, ripped themselves open and a crimson flood of sparks fell toward the earth.


I was inspired by an image on one of the photography websites I check out. I wasn't sure where I was going with this and it was purely freewritten so if it makes no sense I apologize. I just had to write what has been in my head all day.

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What is Bookcrush-A-Thon?

Bookcrush-A-Thon is a fangirly celebration for the best part of every YA book... the totally dreamy fictional guy who could never exist in real life!

There's been a lot of hoopla lately about Team Edward and Team Jacob, Team Peeta and Team Gale, Team Stefan and Team Damon, Team Vampire, Team Werewolf, Team Mortals, Team Immortals, Team Team Team Team Team team team team...

...and I thought, "I wonder whose Team really has the most might."

So now Bookcrush-A-Thon is borne! It's a friendly competition ONLY. NO BASHING IS ALLOWED!

Each round of bookcrushathon will last approximately six months. Twenty-four dreamy bookcrushes. One ultimately dreamy winner per Round! Each week, one more bookcrush will be eliminated until only one is left! It's like Survivor, only not stupid.

Nominate and support YOUR Favorite Literary Crush @ bookcrushathon!